The collective noun for a group of skanks, or just one extremely skank-like individual.
Eg. 1
Person 1: Oh god, avert your eyes! There is a group of extremely inappropriately dressed young ladies over there!

Person 2: Ahh, attack of the Shimmy Shimmy!

Eg. 2
Person A: Jeeze, I haven't had sex in about 4 hours!

Person B: Gosh, you're such a Shimmy Shimmy.
by Penelope Sidekick December 13, 2009
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韩国男团EXO 在他们新出的专辑主打歌KOKOBOP 的第一句歌词
shimmy shimmy kokobop i think I like it
by ImfknG August 13, 2017
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EXO-L slang for being disgusted/not happy or delighted with something and wanting it to stop
A: oNiOnHaSeYo
by Once you jimin you cant jimout September 3, 2020
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When instead of going out with friends, you stay home and furiously masturbate.
"Hey John, wanna come out to the bar tonight?"
"Not tonight. I gonna shimmy shimmy disco at my place."
by Bobby Karlsson June 10, 2017
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