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noun: Literally means the peak of mountains.

Shikhar is best comparable to the moon. He can lighten up the darkest of nights but is rare to find.

Shikhar generally describes a young man with dark eyes which can intoxicate any woman. He is tall and slender (because he generally never takes care of himself and takes it all for granted). One of his best features is his smile! It is one of the cutest things you'd ever see. It unconsciously makes you smile too.

He is charming and smart. He tries to be witty most of the time.

Guys with the name Shikhar, generally have a kind and a warm heart that makes them irresistible.

He is not too expressive about his feelings but he always cares and loves people from the bottom of his beautiful heart.

He is very thoughtful and nice and this often ends up being used by other people. He puts other's happiness before his own.

Shikhar tends to think a lot about unnecessary things and gets paranoid when things don't go right. He seems to like keeping it all planned while deep down, he is always a little kid who wants to be carefree and live in the moment.

He is a mystery to solve every day.

He defines magic.

He might be a little awkward most of the time but his words and thoughts make you forget all your worries. He has an amazing voice that can woo one and all. It's impossible to not love him.

He is the best thing that could happen to a person.

If you're with him, you'd never want to let him go.
Person1: Look! Who is that guy? Look at his smile! Oh my god! He is gorgeous!

Person 2: Oh yes, that's Shikhar. He is a one woman man! Wouldn't the girl he loves be the luckiest of all?
by Geeeeeet June 11, 2018
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Shikhar is used for people who are really into gaming. They just want to achieve everything in the game.
But these types of people are fuckin mean to people. They tend to get really angry and are chep.

They are in short losers.
Hey look there is a Shikhar going out there.
by usersreal456123 September 02, 2019
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