deadass means shit but if you pronounce it a bit different then it be sounding then it's cool
shiiiiii idk abt that
by da zemer March 08, 2021
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Shiiiii, when you act like something suck while you secretly love it. By not saying the "t" at the end people think you are saying shiiiiit while you are saying shiiiii.
by B4 a qaurter to 1 past 5 April 22, 2016
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Is usually used when you are about to ask for something or when someone asks for something u dont have or when you about to make a dumb ahhhh excuse to why you cant give that thing to them
Friend: "Aye Bruh you got 20$ on you mane i need it bruh"
You: "SHIIIII not today bruh i gotchu later doe"
Friend:" SHIIIII i ain gonna need it tomorrow"
You: " well SHIIIII i cant help ya jit"
by THISWETAHHHB00CHII February 06, 2021
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