Shiesty usually refers to an action that is greedy and/or inconsiderate. When someone is shiesty it means they dont think about others and do things that help them even if they know it harms someone else in anyway.
An example of when someone is shiesty is; You ask someone for gum and they say they don't have any, but he/she really did have gum but didnt want to give you any.
by Zane Lavallee February 11, 2010
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Nickname for a ski mask inspired by rapper pooh shiesty.
Quan: we seen that opp nigga on the block he still there. jason: ight bet drop the lo im finna grab my shiesty.
by Anonymousnigga1218 March 24, 2022
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Pooh Shiesty, that's my dawg
But Pooh, you know I'm really shiesty!
by Big blrrd March 23, 2021
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A person who you cant trust and does shady things behind your back.
EX 2 Dude meredith taylor is so shiesty.
by BAR04 February 11, 2009
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to be shady or wavering in general trustworthiness. To invoke feelings of unreliability and hesitancy in people. To have inexplicable trust in shady organizations and characters
Pooja Jani is shiesty as hell.

Yooo, you just pulled a Pooja Jani
by shangsta August 24, 2010
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To be a shiest

Adj: To be bogus toward someone or something.
Damn, that bro did me shiesty by stealin my shoes
by The Ay dog November 22, 2010
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