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Shianne is a girl who loves her man she will always have part of him in her shianne will not be complete without Jed she know’s he is perfect for her
Shianne loves Jed as they have the most beautiful relationship some say shianne is a angel when she’s with her Jed
by Ginga 24 May 06, 2019
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Shianne is a very strong beautiful woman. Shianne is honest and loving. She is a mother both loving and fierce. She is a partner full of love and passion. Shianne is like no other woman. She cannot be compared to and she cannot be replaced. Do not mistake her tender loving heart for weakness because she doesn't need you. If you ever get the chance to meet a Shianne keep her very close because she is the best friend you'll ever have. You will never meet anyone like Shianne and you will never forget her. Love her with everything you are and you will never regret it.
"Shianne is an amazing mother."
by Shaudae June 25, 2013
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Shianne is strong, oppionated, lover and a fighter. She will be your best friend or your worst enemie. There is no grey area with shianne you will either love or hate her. But truth be known she will not lie to you, an if you are a friend of hers; she will give you here last dollar, spill blood to protect you, and happily hand you her whole heart. Lastly she is not one to cross, this girl is TOUGH!
"You know that girl Shianne, she is a bad bitch!"
by Lucky in Kentucky February 05, 2010
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One of the sweetest girls you could ever meet. She is both complex and deep, yet outwardly friendly and knows how to relax. She is nearly the exact definition of "cute," so one should not take her for granted.
"I met this wonderful girl the other night. Her name was really pretty too- it was Shianne."
by Shianne April 04, 2005
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A baddass mother fucker who can steal your man. WATCH OUT LADIES!!!
I love shianne.
Did you see her clothes today??
I almost died dude!!
by wanthimsobad333 December 05, 2017
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Shianne is the sweetest and also saltiest person you will ever meet, some people mistake her as a how bit she is everything but that. When you meet a shianne love her with all your heart ❤️ and don't mistake her for anything else but lovely and your sister ❤️. She is the most beautiful person you will ever meet so when you find a shianne grab her tight and don't let go!❤️❤️
Shianne is my fucking sister❤️.
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by Crystal❤️🤞👌 May 26, 2018
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