an insensible person with no practicality what so ever and needs to do what she is told because then she looks like a complete fool. a shevi will be very spontanious and makes bad decisions like wasting money on things that do not last very long. a shevi looks quite asian and acts very asian at times to. a shevi will tell you that that "to" in the last sentence is supposed to be spelled "too".
Don't you dare pull a shevi on me you irresponsible, abnoxious, ignorant fool.
by hmmifeelliketoast June 25, 2009
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shevi is a great woman and she will always be there for you and she will never forget about you.she may be bratty and a dick but she will love you
Dang shevi im so lucky to be your friend
by iamnotblessed December 10, 2018
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