Similar to sherm, it is a hot dog dipped in PCP with a marijuana relish garnish.
I was tripping balls after I ate three o' dem Sherm doggie dogs.
by fantomelt January 24, 2008
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Variant of shermanator where the shermanator, usally from Pennsyltucky tries to create and alter ego whilst attempting to pick up an ugly chick. If said Shermantor actually succeeds in bedding this abnormally ugly ho, he will no doubt give her a yellow marshellow due to the fact that he's never even felt the inside of a woman's vagina and pissess uncontrollably. The Sherm Dog can usually give detailed accounts of the softness and tastiness of a goat's ass.
Man, look at that Sherm Dog go. I've never seen anyone eat a goat's ass so good.
by Pennsyltucky Pride January 18, 2005
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A hot dog dipped in PCP with a marijuana relish garnish on top.
No fool you can't grow dat sherm dog you gotta grow dat weed and cut dat shit with angel dust. Then drag your lazy ass to the 7-11 and buy dem Hebrew Nationals.
by fantomelt February 2, 2008
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