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A man or woman who, on a night out with friends, chooses to stay sober or is made to stay sober for the care of rest of the group.
John had a rough night, spent acting as shepherd for five horny and drunken lads out on the town.
by JojoAgogo October 28, 2008
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A scale on which women are ranked based purely on physical attractiveness. Ranges from 1-100, with 1 being the lowest base unit, 1 Becca, and 100 being a theoretical perfect state. 20 and above is respectable, 40 and above is hot, and 50 and above is smokin' hot. Less than 10 is subhuman. Numbers around 100 are reserved for celebrities and those generally acknowledged to be the world's hottest women. Personality and Intelligence are not included on the scale.
"That girl on the other side of the bar, I reckon she's about 25 on The Becca Scale. I could do that."
by JojoAgogo January 23, 2009
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