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A beautiful girl with a humble heart that does not like to be disappointed and has a strong desire to please. Has many goals she would like to achieve and will not stop until she is successful. She is fun and likes to turn up and get faded with her 3 friends. She makes funny jokes. Rarely goes out to party and get drunk. You can catch her ass at home not depending on a man to get things done. She likes blunts and high grade ganja. She can whine like no other and listens to reggae and dance hall. She can get very upset if your cross her and will remember it forever. She is beautiful inside & out and is constantly trying to make the world a better place by advising world issues that require more attention. Doesn't like to wake up in the mornings but if it's for work she will always be there getting that cash. It may sound like a ghetto name but she is far from ghetto, more like independent and ambitious.
Yo I smoked a blunt with Shenisha yesterday

Shenisha looked so fineyesterday

If you are a fuckboy or waste man stay away from Shenisha.
by Highliife April 06, 2017
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