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Shanisha is the type of girl who is a bit shy but is also outgoing. She's really smart and talented. She is very pretty but she thinks otherwise.

When in pain or emotions are not uplifted, when others are concern, the doesn't tell anyone because she hides her pain inside, family or not.

But on the other hand, Shanisha is a loyal person to be friends with or have a relationship with. So if you meet a Shanisha, treat her well, don't take her hopes, dreams and wishes for granted.
Friend 1: Shanisha never tells us anything.

Friend2: Under that pretty face, is true pain.
by UniGoTato November 10, 2018
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A girl that sits beside me in class and constantly posts pictures of white guys on her Snapchat.
Who is that guy Shanisha... are you seeing someone else?!!
by JAhredfromSTatefarm May 28, 2018
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