Crickey!thats the blonde shelia from lord of the rings! it is, it is!
by lamb February 5, 2004
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White,Honest, loving, old school, loyal, ride or die bitch, the one u want on ur side.
Shelia likes to watch the Dallas Cowboys kick ass!
by Blaize16 December 27, 2016
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nice and friendly person who likes talking to everybody she meets
interested in humans
yet feels like a loner sometimes
insecure at times but friends with great people who cheer her up
"Shelia got fired."
by Krkič August 12, 2019
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the incorrect spelling of sheila, which is a slang word for girl in Australia
I wanted to define sheila on urbandictionary but I'm an idiot and spelled it shelia
by scurvy mike July 25, 2008
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Savage, Classy, Bougie, Ratchet. Heartless,Doesn’t do emotions. Will make you fall in love and rip your heart out of your chest!
I have become such a Dirty Shelia.
by Dirty Shelia April 15, 2020
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Percussionist/singer/rapper/multinstrumentalist of 80's fame and still performing today. Known largely for a handful of singles cowrote by Prince, primarily "Glamorous Life" but also "Holly Rock" and "A Love Bizarre". She was also featured in Krush Groove.

One of her most fascinating aspects is her indeterminable sexuality. Her songs contain some strikingly bisexual and lesbian lyrics, but there is always the possibility that Prince wrote these. To this day she has neither married/engaged or come out of the closet.
I’m bad, good god!

badder than a wicked witch.

I’ll pet your kitten and your little dog too,
don’t you want to be my bitch? OOH!!

- Shelia E on "Holly Rock"
by TheGoyWonder March 18, 2013
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A type of beer that is commonly consumed by hippies, or supporters of the democratic candidate, Shelia Simon.

I was the only one at the party drinking Budweiser, all the hippies were drinking Shelia Simon beer.
by D-DizzleCdale January 31, 2008
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