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A rare name, for a rare person. If you are lucky enough to find a shelen, you have truly been blessed. Shelen is usually tall, beautiful, and golden. She is different from everyone else, a true individual if anything. She is funny, sweet, and can be feisty when needed.

She is usually very picky with boys, and doesnt settle for anyone, she is an independant women, like a godess she watches over her close friends. A shelen also usually remembers everything long term, but forgets everything short term. She is wise, and very understanding. But she is not stupid.
Its hard for people to not like a shelen, as shelen only exposes her bad habits to close close friends.
"I asked annie out, but she said no"
"Man, she's way out of you league, face it shes a shelen"
by jfcbnads, makdbn February 21, 2010
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