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A fundamentalist Christian wiki encyclopaedia project which promotes Biblical creation and rejects science. Heavily criticised by both conservatives and liberals, it is the subject of ridicule from those who are used to getting information without a heavy dose of fundamentalist hilarity.
Conservapedia says:

1) all kangaroos are descended from a single pair who were on Noah's Ark.
2) gravity is an unproven theory.
2) Einstein's General Relativity "has nothing to do with physics".
3) only followers of Christianity are capable of religious faith
4) atheists are incapable of being moral
5) Jews are "touchy" about the Holocaust
by kronix March 02, 2007

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A person who speaks the language of the vagina.
Rosie O'Donnell is a vaginophone.
Tom Cruise claims he's a vaginophone.
by kronix September 12, 2007

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To become a forum whore is to elevate one's self to a new level of existence. This ascension cannot be achieved through post count alone; only the pure of heart and sound of mind can undergo the transformation from a <b>forum slut</b> into a <b>forum whore</b>.
valkyre: yo niggas, hit up the 8-side for mah man da forum 'ho
kronix: say what? he be no forum 'ho, he be a forum slut, homes
valkyre: dat's whack, dude
kronix: ass
by kronix August 08, 2004

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A website popular with 10 year olds obsessed with animal sex, incest, animal incest and animal incest roleplay.

SheezyArt was founded after a child was banned from deviantART for copyright infringement, and decided to set up his own rival site where anybody could upload works featuring copyrighted material and explicit animal porn. This proved to be an unbeatable formula, and soon SheezyArt established itself as the premier source of animated animal porn.

It has been remarked that SheezyArt serves as a magnet for furry incest porn that would otherwise be submitted to deviantART. This has led to accusations that SheezyArt is actually run by deviantART in order to divert shitty pencil doodles elsewhere.
10-Year-Old Furry "Artist": "Today I'll upload a crayon drawing of Sonic giving Sailor Moon a rimjob."
His/her mother: "Honey, Hamtaro is on."
by kronix July 14, 2005

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