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The reside left over on one's bed sheets after the wet spot dries up. The wet spot consists of semen, vaginal and/or booty juices. The accumulation of this dried, caked up, amalgam of sex juices will vary. Single men tend to have more Sheet Cake than say a married couple.
Roger convinced a chick at the bar to go home with him for sex. While he told her that he was not a man whore and did not have multiple partners, the Sheet Cake on his bed told her otherwise.

Carl threw a party at his apartment. Throughout the evening, he had sex with several hot chicks attending the party. His sexual escapades that night left him with Sheet Cake the next morning.
by Ben Dribblin May 22, 2015
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Verb To confidently ignore your problems under the false pretense that they will simply go away on their own.
Yeah, that Klan rally is coming through town tomorrow, but if we all just sheetcake this, we'll be fine.
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by ATX0 August 18, 2017
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