1. “Shaze” means Mission / Master Plan (Origin : Japanese)
2. "Shaze Tempain" is a warrior in Sri Lankan Hip Hop game.
3. "Shaze" means Silver Haze (Some Sort of Marijuana)'s Short Term.

4. This is the meaning of the word “Shaze” when it comes as a person name:

The Horoscope and Astrology meaning of the name Shaze: With a name number 5, your ruling planet is Mercury. You have a sharp mind, a quick thinking ability and are blessed with the great powers of speech. You have an extremely active life; are always on the road and possess great energy to accomplish even greater things. You are sometimes like a baby in an adult's body as you do not want to grow out of your teenage thoughts, mainly because your teenage experience is exemplary, keeps you happy and provides you with a strong motivating forward energy. You of course look younger than the actual age. You are great at reading and writing and are a great communicator.
1. We should always work to the Shaze
2. Shaze is my favorite till I die.
3. Bruh, Is Shaze still illegal in NY ?
by Japanese.Nouns January 25, 2018
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Shaze Tempain is a talented Hip Hop Artist who produced the very first 3 Sinhala Rap Albums. He started making music in very young age and his first song released when he was 8 years old, in 2006.

Pronunciation : /shāz/

Noun :

1. Master Plan which controls the whole system.
2. Silver Haze (Marijuana)
Shaze (Person) always works on his own Shaze (Master Plan) Because he uses Shaze (Silver Haze).
by 2Pac Reborn January 27, 2018
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