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a name given to the friend that is the 'dopey drunk' of the group, usually tans very easily and smiles even if they don't get the joke. The person that is always up for an adventure and usually has a friend that could be counted as a lesbian twin.
person one - whos that?
person two - well her and that other girl that looks like her are pretty close, and she's dopey - must be 'shawy'
by cochrane1404 August 10, 2011
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Usually a guy whose really tight with money.

The best part of a Shawy holiday is planning the trip and looking at the holiday photos, not actually being on holiday.
Asked a Shawy to lend me a fiver , why did I bother, already knew the answer would be no.

The photos before and after the holiday looked great said Shawy, after spending the whole holiday talking about how to split the restaurant bill.
by gillegg July 08, 2017
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