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The believe in Shawns; they have the power of seduction, anything sexual. The cult is also well know for being Big Pervs (shawns). Shawns are well known for writing shawn's name on objects of such tables, chairs, etc and drawing penises as well. Also they love to say and do anything disgusting. For example: " Imagine my cock going through your ass out ur mouth while my friend cums/ shits all over your face". Shawns also have a secret book like a bible; this "Bible" has many names but is ,mostly called "The Shawn Bible".

This cult is well known and has benefits
-makes you more Self confident
-you learn to be a pick up artist
-your more appealing and meet other shawns

Some bad things about this cult
-you may become annoying over time depending on the jokes you say
-People won't take you seriously (if you over do your pervertness
Dude 1: " Ohhh what are u drawing on the table?
Dude 2: "my Cock"

Dude 1: "ohh eww are you in shawnism?"
Dude 2: "Yeah its pretty sweet!"
by Shawnism! March 23, 2011
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