A person that looks good to you , somebody you flirt with , kiss hug , talk to all the time and is always there for you
I want to be your shawdy
by Imyourdaddy753 January 22, 2019
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a vague descriptive word used in conjunction with another insult. esp used in Scottish prose.
by Dave Mould November 6, 2003
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If you call someone your shawdy you owe them a nude video, twerk video, or 100 dollars
oh yea Jason, that’s my shawdy
Ashley called me her shawdy then sent a twerking vid
by My Shawdy June 30, 2021
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Used to describe poorly made or inferior products. It can be used to describe things that are cheap or expensive as long as they are not well designed or constructed.
Shawdy can describe products that have persistent problems, break easily, or are unreliable.
Creative makes shawdy mp3 players, mine broke in a week.

Don't buy one of those shawdy used cars, get a new one that will last.
by Christopher J. Orcutt February 20, 2005
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noun. adj. Southern slang used to refer to a person. Can also be used to refer specifically to a woman. Northeners sometimes use the word with different pronunciation. (e.g. Shorty)
South: Shawdy what yo name is?
North: Yo Shorty, whats good?
by nneptune128 November 14, 2005
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shawdy is word that describes a girl a person(s) wanna talk to
you shawdy has a fat ass
by chris Washington October 12, 2005
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a man should be taller than his gurl/boo/baby mama/gurlfriend....
so he calls the gurl 'shawdy'...shorty

Shawdy wassup wiff ya..??..
by L-dizzle baebee January 6, 2009
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