Shaska is the brand name of a premium Australian coffee brand. Shaska represents the best in urban coffee.
Shaska Coffee.
by Shaska Australia September 10, 2013
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A small creature that lives inside the asshole of a pubic hair. May cause infections and or boils in the area.
Theres a Shaska in my pubic hair.
by Dubstepisshitonmyface May 27, 2011
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Someone who like's to bukkake all over inatamate objects and feel's like he acomplished something in the process.
OMG! A shaska was in my house, theirs bukkake everywhere!
by Doh Nuts 13 September 8, 2004
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A famous player of the game, Fallen Empire:Legions. Well known for his great maturity and wonderfully large penis. Is currently both the Server Admin and Game Admin. He is also regarded as one of the most talented Private Testers. Possibly one of the best duelers in the game, his skill comes only from his use of the Thrasher Loadout.

Currently known under such names as:
Vesper, Black, eRare, Devil_Kirby, Seraph, Meddler, Asian, Whitey, Blue, East Asia, Mordecai, Skream, eien, Hulihudu, Smush, Color, Viking, Noise and w00tyou, of which he uses most frequently.
"Hey! some kid named w00tyou is spamming nades."

"Oh dont worry, thats just Shaska smurfing again."


"Who is that server/game admin? hes so nice!"

"Thats Shaska! Hes a private tester too."
by zanderdiditagain December 17, 2011
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