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Pronounced (Share-Ruh)

An extremely unique name.

Though this person may sound like they'd love to share because of their name, they're quite selfish. Sharra's are gorgeous but don't like to talk about it because they'd rather say it to others. They have beautiful eyes and nice bodies. Sharra's are also impatient and very stubborn. You can't win a fight, physical or verbal, with a Sharra. You will never EVER regret meeting a Sharra.
1: That's Sharra.

2: Does she share?

1: No she's quite selfish.
by Florez.(: September 19, 2011
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Very unique name.

A total bitch! Sharras' make the best sisters. Often they will own rabbits. A person frolicking amongst the waves.
Aaron: Hey look at the girl in the waves!

Shannon: Yeah, she is a total Sharra!
by Shlomo Rodrigez February 03, 2010
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A girl who is crazy but different who is always full of surprises. Sometimes they're over energetic and can be viewed as annoying. Can be very lovely but they will not take to compliments because their tomboyish nature. Don't get on her bad side because she can win bark or bite.
boy 1: damn that girl is beautiful

boy 2: don't say that to her face
boy 1: why not?
boy 2: she might might be a Sharra
by abnormal_girl January 26, 2017
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