Combination of two words; parenting and sharing.

When parents share too much of their children's information, pictures and private moments online, mostly on Facebook.
1.That Mom is way overboard with her sharenting on Facebook.

2.Everyone is going to know everything about that poor kid because his/her parents aren't careful with their sharenting.
by siouxie que May 16, 2012
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The action or practice of sharing or posting news, images or videos of one's children on social media.
Karen likes sharenting her baby's photos on Facebook.
by Potato_208 November 5, 2022
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Parent who posts boastful links to Facebook about their kids endeavors.
OMG! Chris's dad is such a sharent. He just posted another link to the championship story.
by zeitguy June 8, 2012
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When a child is taken away from the biological parents because they are deemed incompetent and the child is adopted by another couple and the biological parents are eventually deemed capable and share in the parenting responsibilities it is called sharenting.
Because Joshua’s biological parents are now sober and responsible they are sharenting with the adoptive parents.
by TubbyMane April 24, 2019
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