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The girl who can make the saddest 😢person laugh😂.She has an amazing personality,very funny😂,and very fine😍.She always seem to have a twinkle⛤ in her eye . She is very outgoing but is also very quite. She is very special💍 to see the sweet person she really is and bring out the hopeless romantic she is. Anyone who is lucky to have an shaqueria in their life 🌍🔐is very lucky and should cherish her. Don't ever let her go. Super loyal,smart ,honest, nice,and very cool. She is the best friends you will ever have and girl friend. Crazy but still love you💘🔐💍. She likes to eat🍽☕.
I met a girl named "shaqueria"& I fell in love.

Shaqueria is fine

Damn she is such a shaqueria.
by Shaqueria February 16, 2018
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