He is a loyal person who love working hard and money who has the juice and don’t talk as much
Shaquan is so fine
by Linda baby September 1, 2021
A Beautiful girl , with a bright,brown complexsion. She has a unique personality, a beautiful smile. She is very friendly and is loved by mostly everyone. She has a good sense of humor and makes a person laugh when not even noticing it. Shaquan is also very smart and can be shy at times. Although she has all of these wonderful traits, she doubts herself and her looks.
Person 1 : Hey, wow she's pretty, who is that?
Person 2 : Dude, thats Shaquan and i know.
Person 1 : I'm going to talk to her.
Person 2: You should she's a really cool person!
by jazyy111111 December 18, 2012
Way people say goodbye in D.C.
Stamp moe, I'm finna hit you up later though I real live got two jih bad legs in this jawn. Ight bet, shaquan.
by YounginFromThe202 February 18, 2018
"Shaquan" A handsome male women can't get enough of. Usually black, sometimes mixed. The mixed Shaquan loves to skateboard, flirt, and listen to music. Women simply can't get enough of his great looks. Can pull a bad B*tch but is afraid what his friends might think.
Briana: oh my god it's shaquan *gasp*

carly: ohh i wish i had a man like that!

Hey guys look it's shaquan, let's go hang it with that dude!
by thatoneguy3265 June 6, 2011
a musically inclined male. he is sarcastic but lovable. loves dr. pepper and making music. plays multiple instruments. avid soulja boy lover and super friend extraordinaire. a cool dude.
That dude over there with the band tee shirt and dr. pepper in his hand looks like a Shaquan.
by zebramonster April 1, 2009
a very very large male. Usually black. Likes to get in fights with his friends. Only dates fat chicks.
Shaquan just puched Collin and then asked him to be his friend again!
by Dolly22343 February 7, 2009
Your beatiful and talented.Your not that social but because of your gorgeousness people are just attracted to you.Your very smart and may come across as dirty minded.You know how to put people in the places so not very much people cross the line with you. Your strong,opinionated and have a lovely smile.You tell so much jokes and can dress really well.
Wow you see that girl over there, she's precious,amazing,talented,beautiful,sexy.......I call her SHAQUANE
by HellaBuff December 13, 2016