One who steals or plagiarises other's work and tries to pass it off as their own. Worse is that they first try to convince someone else to pass it off to see if they get caught, and if not, then they go ahead and use the content.
"So what did that shanky guy get for the programming assignment?"


"Did you write that code yourself?"
"No, I did a shanky and stole it off the net"
by Anjuli Ambani August 4, 2007
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A person or place that is both shady and skanky.
"Yo, dawg. Dis club is straight up shanky."
by Regulus132 October 9, 2008
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Similar to a hanky, but used exclusively to clean up semen. Often times, gay men will carry a "Shanky" in their back left pocket should they need to clean semen from their face after a brief truck stop encounter.
"Jesus Shady, I'm going to be scrubbing your jaz out of my hair for weeks, hand me your Shanky, that'll suck up all this white goodness." -Praz
by Johnny KnoxviIIe February 14, 2006
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shanky is any pointed object commonly refered to as a males counter parts.
Axle: omg Sally, Alis saw james's shanky

Sally: eww his penis is pointed, never gona suck hiz dic
by jazminj September 23, 2010
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you can't complain, you have the most shanky girl in the whole town
by SuperExtremeX March 18, 2009
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Manly ginger, who believes she (he) should be the centre of attention. Cannot take it when they are wrong. Actually believes they are NEVER wrong. Makes others around them want to shoot themselves if they cannot shoot her (him).
The sound of shanky's voice makes me want to bite my own ears off. I would happily leave shanky to drown, but i wouldn't me nasty, i'd wave to her.
by Emi Lou March 27, 2004
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