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Youtube star whos counterpart is Mossy Rock (real name not given).

He grew up living in the slums of New York, New York. In order to get money for food and his constantly breaking glasses, he was forced to sell pens that he finds on the debris covered streets of New York. Whilst doing this he found an admiration towards creating cadences with his pens and drastically improved; later becoming a "drummer of pens" and showed his talents to many people for bragging purposes. However him bragging about his talent was proven to be bittersweet.

A circus leader found out about Shane Bang's talent and kidnapped him, in hopes of creating great revenue by showcasing Shane Bang's unconventional talent. While touring down to Washington with the circus crew, his best friend Mossy Rock (real name not given) was able to set Shane Bang free, allowing him to escape from the cruelties of the circus.

Shane Bang now resides within a private location posting Youtube videos showcasing his talents for the audience to enjoy.
guy 1: Dude did you check out Shane Bang's youtube channel, 73368?? its pretty tight!
guy 2: no.
guy 1: Fuck you.
guy 2: no.
by thePricklyPear January 02, 2012
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Asian teenager known on Youtube for making beats with pens or pencils.
Person 1: *taps pen on the table
Person 2: "Stop it! You're not Shane Bang!"
by wellhellooothere January 10, 2011
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