Shamina is an Arabic name meaning perfume or a sweet fragrance. She is absolutely flawless! Her eyes are big and beautiful with a gorgeous face and an outstanding way of thinking. She has a personality that cares about people so easily she often thinks that she is caring too much. Her passion is writing and she is someone that can express herself to a complete stranger. A sensitive young lady that is easily hurt by the words of others and easily angered by the words of others. She isn't someone to take for granted. Every so often you get someone good & Shamina is a girl of innocence and she values her purity. You'll never have a problem with her faithfulness because she is very loyal to her friends and companion. She's so independent that she will struggle to find someone that can understand the long journey she took to get where she is today. A little bit on the weird random side enjoys making people laugh but, if disrespected in anyway she will lash out on you so consider this your warning. Shamina deserve and desires respect and affection. Romance is the true definition of her personality. Candlelight dinners and communication means more to her than anything physical. She can overthink things if not given enough attention or if she is being ignored. She keeps her distance from most people and likes to be by herself but, if left alone for to long she may become depressed.
Shamina is a woman of significance one that can show any man true love and any friend true friendship.
by haiihayhey13 December 26, 2011
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This is an arabic name for females. It is pronounced "Shah mee nah". It means fragrant sweet-smelling scent or sweet breeze.
Love the Shamina of the roses.
by willtearyourgandinasecond January 2, 2010
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Word that is a filler for every other word known to man.

A word that was created by Cora to use in place of dank.

lets get one of those shamina from taco bell.
by Mustachesaurusrex January 29, 2008
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Street slang name for methamphetamine. Primarily used on the back roads of Banta, Ca.
Fuckface: "what's the shamina sitch looking like? Should I re cop?"
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