The act of getting high through boiling shampoo and inhaling the poisonous gasses omitted. This, when inhaled for five or more minutes, can cause hallucinations as well as other sensations. It is also known as Bubbling and Shamming.
Bubbler1Yo, bro, you wanna go SHAMBOILING?
Bubbler2Fuck yeah, man. I love getting high from Shampoo.
by Lardics September 17, 2012
the act of boiling shampoo and huffing the fumes in order to get high
Hey man, i'm shamboiling after school, wanna join?
by jackschittttttt September 17, 2012
The act of inhaling the fumes of boiling shampoo for the purpose of getting high.
I always thought my girlfriend bought too much shampoo, but I didn't realize she was shamboiling behind my back. Now that both of us are doing it, she can buy as much shampoo as she wants!
by st0ne_pr0 September 17, 2012