the parking lot, or large area, outside os Grateful Dead or Phish shows where everything from drugs, burritos, tie dyes, incense and clothing were sold. Shakedown was the place where one could chill before or after a show and find whatever it is one was looking for. Most known for it's open air drug supermarket where cats would have nitrous oxide tanks in the back of cars and sell balloons of nitrous for $5. also people would walk around uttering "trips trips" or "kind bud."
Man Shakedown Street was sooo much better at Deer Creek last night, they only have green tabs I wanted the sunshine
by Fucking shit July 14, 2006
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The strip of vendors outside of a concert in the parking lot, usually defined by their tailgate style tents. Common things sold are food, tye-dye, patchwork clothing and bags, tapestries and incense. The term comes from the so-named Grateful Dead song, because so many vendors found their place at Grateful Dead shows in their lot scene.
Did you try the veggie burritos from Shakedown Street before the show?
by StrawberryHippie June 30, 2013
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any street corner, alley, or cul de sac in which at any one time, numberous dopeboys are servin' up a wide array of desirable drugs.
ey dog, we gotta ride up on shakedown street, get three in the key and post up homey.
by eboy May 26, 2006
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