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The strip of vendors outside of a concert in the parking lot, usually defined by their tailgate style tents. Common things sold are food, tye-dye, patchwork clothing and bags, tapestries and incense. The term comes from the so-named Grateful Dead song, because so many vendors found their place at Grateful Dead shows in their lot scene.
Did you try the veggie burritos from Shakedown Street before the show?
by StrawberryHippie June 30, 2013
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Hippie culture climaxed in 1960's American pop culture, although it maintains a strong base to this day, particularly at Phish and Widespread Panic shows and any event featuring the remaining members of the Grateful Dead. Hippie chicks can be identified by patchwork and extra-feminine clothing like long full skirts and shirts meant to be worn without a bra. Some of the more gypsy hippie chicks wear lots of jewelry and glittery make-up. Some of the more wookie hippie chicks wear dreads, no make-up (cause it's tested on animals) and may not shave (no one knows why). The roots of the culture lie in the "make love, not war" political movement, and hippie chicks may be politically liberal. Things like organic goods, recycling/reducing/reusing and fair trade shopping are common conversation topics for this culture. Having gotten a lot of mean feedback from mainstream society ("Jerry's dead, Phish sucks, get a job"), a hippie chick may be reluctant to be identified by an outsider, especially in the workplace. Lastly, one may or may not smoke weed, but the truth is that's the root of this culture.
Check out the barefoot hippie chick dancing on the lawn!
by StrawberryHippie July 24, 2013
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