A meme queen meme admen pages love her. Amazing at sports and physical activity. A cool gal.
Wow would you look at them..they are such shaguns
by OG cookie July 18, 2017
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An amazing best friend who always got your back no matter what. She is beautiful and so much more that words can't even describe her. Shagun can be very goofy and weird most of the times but she will do anything for her friends no matter what.

So there wasn't one that describe "my" shagun so I made you one-lia

Not gonna lie was hard to make this
Shagun Is the best.
by Deesyret August 07, 2019
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to shagun someone is to strike them from out of nowhere and act as though nothing has happened, one usually yells something whey they shagun others.
Shagunee:That mother$%^&*# just shaguned me!
Other guy: What?
Shagunee: Yeah he just yelled zooplos and smacked me and acted like he didn't
Other guy: What the hell is zooplos?
by Pirate Man Dave September 04, 2008
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Shagun is the dumbest girl you'll ever meet, you might think that she will bring you luck but she is unluckiest one.
Why are being like Shagun?

Don't be like Shagun use your brain.
by Ms. Purrfect September 02, 2019
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