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A Shado is a person who takes an extremely long time to load into games because their computer is an outdated toaster.
Shado has disconnected from the game.
Everyone in game: Classic Shado
by Pup is the Best Lancer February 08, 2018
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the greatest person to have ever lived, shado being their nickname, real name i cannot reveal.
'sup shado'
'sup byotch'
'fuck you'
'fuck you mama like i did last night.. but dont excpect to get no virginity outta her coz i did her last night for the first time'
' well how can that be'
' watcha say foo '
' how can she have lost her virginity last night coz ive been born ages ago '
' your adopted and your dads a tranny'
* mouthy boi starts to punch shado but shado twists his arm and breaks his neck , then mugs him for some weed *
by XboiX March 24, 2005
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The arch rival of Sno.Shado is VERY cood, and pwns sno in every way possible.
Sno:HAHAHA I PWN j00 *insert 3434985 word sno-lecture here*
Shado:I'm way cooder than you.

Shado proceeds to beat sno's ass with a masamune
by Shado December 31, 2003
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Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization.

Supreme Headquarters Allied Defense Organization.

Fictional secret organization from the British sc-fi TV show "UFO." Said organization was established in the far-flung, futuristic year of 1980 and waged a covert war with maurauding "unhuman" aliens who were kidnapping humans for their own sinister purposes.
"Once you join SHADO, you can never leave!"
by Carl J. Maltese April 07, 2007
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A trade chat hobo. Your teachers sleep at school, a shado sleeps in trade chat. Every server has one whether their name is actually Shado or not. They will use obnoxious catch phrases like "NOU" and everyone one of them has a broken caps lock key. You will hate him, but at the same time, trade just wouldn't be the same without him.
Shado: NOU!
Player1: stfu shado!
Player2: stfu shado!
Player3: stfu shado!
by Turalyonlol February 24, 2010
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Another VLR member. Shado is a cood guy who always speaks in faces and mysteries. He has a bad past with the PSB and is now rivals with them and fights them at every turn. He's also mysterious, but not as much as Chuggy.
Wow, that last fight between Shado and Aurora was great!
by Dave January 07, 2004
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