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When an underage character is automatically aged to 18.
No, I'm only 15. Don't shadman me.
by I'm Reptar August 08, 2017
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A humble, typical kid next door. Usually of South Asian decent. Tries to catch people's attention with humor, and almost always has a big mouth. One of those "Can't love em, can't hate em" people.
Girl: What is up with that kid!? I can't figure him out, when you talk to him one on one he's so nice, and sweet. Then, during class, he acts like a dumbass.

Boy: What do you expect, he's a Shadman? They were born that way.
by CrazyOleCoohk April 11, 2009
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An artist who, along with other artists of similar content, posts pornographic content involving taboos like loli, incest, and bestiality porn; as well as the occasional humorous or. Violent/"racist " Comic. His art in general is gigantic shitpost that would turn any normal person into a ragging moron who can't comprehend the joke behind his content and will typically assume he advocates such degeneracy.
Person 1: Yo wtf did you send me last night?!! I don't wanna see that shit!

Person 2: that's shädman my dude, it's supposed to be ironic.

P1: it's gross and I don't get the irony

P2: pfft! Normie.
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by Bishreksual July 12, 2018
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