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When an underage character is automatically aged to 18.
No, I'm only 15. Don't shadman me.
by I'm Reptar August 08, 2017
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An artist who, along with other artists of similar content, posts pornographic content involving taboos like loli, incest, and bestiality porn; as well as the occasional humorous or. Violent/"racist " Comic. His art in general is gigantic shitpost that would turn any normal person into a ragging moron who can't comprehend the joke behind his content and will typically assume he advocates such degeneracy.
Person 1: Yo wtf did you send me last night?!! I don't wanna see that shit!

Person 2: that's shädman my dude, it's supposed to be ironic.

P1: it's gross and I don't get the irony

P2: pfft! Normie.
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by Bishreksual July 12, 2018
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A humble, typical kid next door. Usually of South Asian decent. Tries to catch people's attention with humor, and almost always has a big mouth. One of those "Can't love em, can't hate em" people.
Girl: What is up with that kid!? I can't figure him out, when you talk to him one on one he's so nice, and sweet. Then, during class, he acts like a dumbass.

Boy: What do you expect, he's a Shadman? They were born that way.
by CrazyOleCoohk April 11, 2009
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A very sweaty boi. He sweats every second of his life. He has buckets of sweat at home. His favorite pass time is to sweat on Fortnite Battle Royale
What a Shadman
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Also known as Shädbase (real name Shaddai Prejean), he is a foul-smelling Indian pedophile who dwells in a shit-covered nutshack in Bangalore, Italy. Unlike other Indians, he does not shit on the streets but rather in his nutshack, as he is too lazy to get outside.
Shädman comes! Is your daughter ready?
by Fyaggot January 17, 2019
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