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A Voltron ship that died long before the series took place but most fans still love it and hope for it and god, now I have 3 ships in the fandom...
Fan #286261: Shadam all the way!
Fan #248357: I think the ship name Adashi is much better!
*Fans bicker over better ship name*
Me: Guys! It's the same ship! Although I do like Adashi a lot better!
*Shadam ship name supporter those chair at my head*
by Shnoozle Doop Boop July 22, 2018
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the fUCKING adorable ship of tagashi shirogane and his CANON s/o adam
hunk: shadam is so cute!!!
pidge: oh my god dude yes shiro and adam are so fucking adorable
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This is the person who always tries to join in your conversation and every time they do you want punch their face in. This person also has the most annoying laugh/voice. This person is commonly referred to as bitch, faggot, douche, fuckass, and bitchfuck.
Bob: You are a shadams!
Alfredo: No, i am not gay.
Bob: A shadams is supergay.
by June 11, 2010
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