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A man with a voracious sexual appetite which knows no bounds. Often a Sexual Tyrannosaurus uses forceful and overt tactics to attract/trap a mate including but not limited to: chest thumping, bellowing, hip thrusting, and laser sex eyes.
"dude. once tanner got a couple drinks into him he morphed into a terrifying sexual tyrannosaurus! he was unstoppable!"
by Tanner Throb February 05, 2010
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A Sexual Tyrannosaurus, or Tyrannosaurs Sex(T-Sex for short) is a total fucking legend, who will definitely fuck your bitch if he gets the chance. A very attractive and sexually appealing person who can, and will, fuck anyone they want.
Guy 1: Chad is a total fucking Sexual Tyrannosaurus!
Guy 2: No kidding, he must've picked up at least 6 chicks last night!
by JerryWithAG September 26, 2018
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When a man enjoys both giving and receiving anal penetration because his arms are too short to grasp his own dick. In order to achieve the ultimate euphoric state of a Sexual Tyrannosaurus , uncontrollable vomiting will occur due to the penetration. After the penetration the man (at times men) circle said man and ejaculate into his chest so he can grab the seaman with his small arms and lather the man juice into his barren chest.
Ryan's chest resembled a glazed donut as a result of the Sexual Tyrannosaurus he experienced the night before.
by FU Smith November 26, 2016
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