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Like the game of regular chicken but slightly sexual.

Two people (same-sex or opposite sex) who are usually just friends flirt, make gestures, and make physical contact with each other. Each comment, gesture and touch more sexual than the last. And who ever gets creeped out first and calls quits, loses.
Jack: I like your eyes *brushes hair out of face*
Jane: I like your butt.
Jack: Touch it then..
Jane: Fine, I will.. *approaches butt with hand* ... No!! I can't! I quit!!
Jack: Yes!!! I win!! I'm the master of sexual chicken! By the way.. you owe me lunch tomorrow.
by DuhRealBlondie October 04, 2013
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n. Latin-derived
When two unattractive people begin mutual masturbation, and continue until one of them stops. The "winner", and thus more disgusting of the two, is the one who continues all the way to climax. The "winner", also designated gay loser, will be ridiculed forever as the most disgusting person in the world, and will never again get laid, because no one will want to be with someone that gross. Thus, the cycle of sexual chicken continues, as the "winners" will continue to engage in the game, as they cannot get laid anymore. Generally begins in a standoff.
Two guys on Chatroulette are both trolling for boobs, and accidentally get each other. Both are wanking, and neither wants to continue to the next person, causing a standoff, and beginning a game of sexual chicken. When one guy climaxes, he is then ridiculed by the other guy, until he has to hit next.
by the chicken choker September 03, 2012
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