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To drive away your college roommate so that you can take sexy pictures for your long-distance significant other.
Sorry bro but i'm gonna have to sextile you, bae is getting horny and I need to send her some sexy pics
by Poopydiharrea123 August 11, 2016
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1 (adj.) Any item of clothing that is figure flattering and entices the opposite sex is a sextile.

2 (n) An individual who is versatile in the practice of sex. The best practitioners are usually sensual, creative, and experienced.
1. She put on her best sextile for her date with Michael. She knew he would find it difficult to maintain his composure when she wore her lucky dress.

2. He is the best sextile ever! I can never pass up an invite to sleep with him.
by RavishingRuby April 14, 2008
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