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This is when a person texts one person continously for long periods of time regardless of where they are or who they are with. It is commonly found among young males whom have obtained a soppy girlfriend or preteen partner. In both cases usually the other-half will become upset if the host does not text them back and will become highly emotional and perhaps turn to self-harm.

When it is suggested that the phone should be put down to spend time with friends and family, the host experiences a radical change in personality and can become volitile and lash out believing that what they have is "special" and "unique".

This is believed to be one of the first stepping stones to becoming "whipped" or otherwise better known as a "cunt"

If the disease gets out of hand, friends can be lost and relationships that are being ignored can become strained. The disease, "sextextitis", usually lasts roughly around a month, where the hosts will eventually come to their senses and realise what they are losing,

In worst case scenarios, the host does not realise and eventually loses everything.

So far the only known cure for this is to kill off the other half, so as to free the hosts body from the disease.
-Ancient methods included breaking the hosts phone and chopping off their hands but it has been proven that killing the source directly is the most effective method.
Paul: Man, James has been on his phone all day to his new girlfriend,

Darren: He's got sextextitis dude, theres no talking to him anymore.

*Cocks shotgun*

Paul: We gotta help our buddy!
by Magbo May 01, 2011
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