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say sek-sawr-sist, - ser-

Noun - middle english

1. A person who practices sexorcism.

2. The act, practice or ceremony of sexorcising, usually performed by a female dubbed 'Bindi scribble', for reasons not relating to the title.

This particular label or devout and dedicated work to the extraction of pent up sexual urges from 20 somethings is for purification of both the sexorcist & the sexorcee.

A rare & somewhat misunderstood art of satisfying oneself by selecting youthful people or persons, often hand picked like prime cattle and usually a higher price accompanies the finer trim cut homosapien. This is usually due to the financial instability 20 somethings tend to be naturally and life cyclically tending too.

The sexorcist however, being of higher and wiser mind, almost a sort of 'clairesexcitience' wealth of knowledge and emotional sensitivity, is able to pick the ripest person in need of the sexorcism.

3. A sexotic fruit from the Amazonian jungle originating from the fruit of the loins from persons aged between 20 and 29.

4. Someone who displays racial like behaviour and slurs towards the pigmentation of genitalia.

"Bindi Scribble is a sexorcist with a keen eye for those in dire need of sexorcism"

"I usually have at least one sexorcist to keep me regular every evening; even though they are a sexpensive fruit"

"That guy was such a sexorcistic pig, the moment he realised I was of African American descent in the genitalia region he was worried it would swallow his TV"
by Professor Mooseknuckle June 03, 2015
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To drive out the evil spirits that abet the immoral and illegal sex acts by leaders from the Catholic Church and rout out past acts and cover-ups
Maureen Dowd said, "This church needs a sexorcist more than an exorcist."
by BasilOMasil April 04, 2010
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