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A sex wizard is someone whose specaturaly magical in bed. They might do things you have never done before . They will make u orgasmic in a split of a second because they are just that good , they know the exact way on how to make your willy wet or your cat meow
Nathan called Michelle a sex wizard , supposedly he’s really good.
He is a sex wizard.
by lover10245 June 26, 2018
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A creepy pseudo-spiritual man who just wants to touch your tits but pretends that it's all about chakras and miridians . Prone to giving you hugs that are way too long and pressing their boner into your hip. Wants to give you a massage and talk about yoni
(Staring at your chest) I can see a serious energy blockage in your heart chakra.
"Help, that sex wizard keeps pointing his semi at me and talking about sacred yoni massage"
by whipsnape September 12, 2013
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a wizard who preforms sex acts with magic and his long wand
LOOK at that sex wizard hes doin his magic!
by Jay Rivera May 23, 2008
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