A form of psychological & physical torture which involves severing limbs, the tongue and removal of all senses without the intent to cause death.
"No Billy, uncle Dave's not cosplaying as a chicken McNugget. He was seved".
by Revboi November 20, 2017
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'Seve' is a term that can be used and adapted to any scenario or sentence. Typically the term 'Seve' is used as a word to insult someone or speak poorly of something.

Origin - Seve is a term commonly used by Australians in the Central Victorian area. Although many other Australians have adapted the term.
You're a Seve, You give me the Seve's, You're a Sevin' idiot, Grow a seve, The weather is so Seve today, Go and get Seve'd, This place is a Seve, What a Seve of a day, Heard your mum got Seve'd the other night, What the Seve.
by Prof. Alan Walkens February 13, 2018
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a group of young seventh-day adventist came up with a word to call themselves.
you a sevee?
I only hang with sevee's
by #1Sevee June 8, 2004
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Sevee: A term in which oldies use to refer to seventh graders.

Written by a Sevee!! Hi people at my school:) If u see this write "Hello" under the bathroom shelves in the stalls. Specifically in the sevees hall. K bye
At a 7-9th grade school

Person; Hey! michael, are you a sevee?

Michael: Yeah, I am. :(
by srms.made.this.hi1 December 18, 2018
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Seve is kind-hearted, loving guy, who not only has good looks but has a great personality. He is very loved and respcted. I know nobody can compare themselves to Seve, he is the greatest person there is on earth.
Seve is the best.

by pandamew December 28, 2018
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seveli is the best friend you could ever have
seveli is so nice
by zondra November 1, 2020
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