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Your topical lady killer, who can charm any girl in the world. This name is only given to gods and are usually very buff. The name Sevag lives up to the highest standards most humans canot understand.
by swag as tee May 01, 2016
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A being which eats guts from dead baby animals or humans. Listens to brutal death metal which would otherwise deafen the human ear, but has a strong resilience to the blood curdling screams and bone shattering grunts.
Man that fucking guy back there was sevag to the max.
by Chris Y. November 25, 2007
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Complete asshole and doesn’t respect anyone’s house. Sevag is also a really bad friend he is annoying ALL the time and is fat as fuck and makes rude comments. Sevag is also a very ugly guy that eats a lot of food all the time.
Y are u being such a Sevag! Fuck you !
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by erostler April 18, 2018
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