Sexy man. Father of cute little boy. He could break ur neck. He has a tattoo but everyone likes to cover it. Was on a survival show.
Is that Seungwoo? He is one fine motherfucker.
by carr’s doyoung January 2, 2020
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Seungwoo is a amazing person. He is incredibly smart and he can play multiple instruments (including clarinet and piano) He is a total sweetheart. He is very empathetic and is very social with many friends. He also likes to hang out with a lovable girl named Kate. They are pretty cute together.
Have you seen Seungwoo he can really dance.

Yah dude he is pretty great.
by Hadley K February 8, 2019
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A guy who likes math and science for subject and who is related a girl named Julie
Seungwoo is perfect for girls
by dkcdkehdndbhfj October 12, 2017
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the hottest man alive, the king of duality, the nations leader. he is not only the hottest man you will lay your eyes on, but he is also the sweetest, most caring, and lovable man you’ll ever see but cannot have.
guy: hey, wanna go out with me?

me: sorry i have feelings for someone else.

guy: who?

me: his name is han seungwoo.

guy: who’s that?

me: the sexiest man alive!
by October 27, 2019
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