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when you fuck your girl and cum in her but you didnt even get fully hard
i fucked her with my soft serpant
by slobonmynoblikecornonacob November 2, 2017
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When a girl is giving a guy upside down head off the edge of a bed and right before he finishes, he pulls his dick out of her mouth and proceeds to hit her in the face with his spurting love muscle. Used as a sword-like stabbing motion.
Grayson gave me an Angry Serpant last night! I'm blind in my left eye now!
by ThomasTheTrainEngine January 12, 2010
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An exceedingly ugly creature ( it's questionable if its male or female) that dwells in the library and cast its evil and wicked ways of wrath on young and innocent onlookers
Set a trap at the door so the Library Serpant can't enter!!!!!!!!!
by ChunkyDunk69 May 14, 2010
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Guy: Damn, if I can't get in that girls pants, I guess I'm gonna have to go home and strangle the serpant.
by sex.slave April 18, 2009
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Serpant is a word that relates to the name sylvan. They lurke in the dark. The name corresponds to a God. The name originates from the lock Ness monster and the monsters of this world. But the monsters protect hose they love. Servant is french word for snake
"OH no look a serpant I hope it doesn't bite"
Quel serpant
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