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A contraction of "seriously" and "really" either used emphasize or reengage in seriousness, as an exclamation, ironically or humorously. It is spelled many ways, often quizzically in a way that doesn't even include the letters used for "serious" and "really". The word goes back to the 80's but has remained popular and experienced an upsurge in texting and online writing as well as in informal speech.
"Sereally, are those 'rainbows' what's hot in the streets?"

"Sereally, wear some grown up footwear when you go out at night. Your feet are gonna get smashed in the bar.

A: "I sereally effed up on the final section of the bar exam. Another year paralegaling. It was much harder than I thought. You too?"
B: "Yeah. Glad we went to law school, making to make them bucks. Sereally though, it was nothing like what I had been studying."
A: "Sereally? You've been studying?"

(Severe overuse intended.)
by since1868 August 06, 2010
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