To describe a person who is simply lovely and a bit magical. Often does unexpected acts of kindness and generosity that can be described as magic.
Person one: Did you find your scarf in the end?
Person two: No! But my friend knitted me a new one, she's a complete Seran!
by luukuulola February 3, 2010
Being precise and detailed in your work.
See perfect for more details.
Used in the song Check by USDA:
And when you rap it ay its gotta be seran.
by Allaudiodanno May 8, 2008
A term for an article of clothing that someone of the male gender wears, and rides up in ALL the wrong places.
Dawg my old man totally wears seran wrap to bed.
by Sean Phillipson March 17, 2008
A person who likes dicks shuved in his face and has sword fights
Your such a dirty seran
by brrrrrrrrrjxjd December 17, 2016