A joke that was good the first time you heard it, but then got shitty after the seventh time you heard it.
“Dude, it smells like updog in here.”

“What’s updog?”

“Nothing much how about you?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

by What_A_Dayyyy July 17, 2018
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UPDOG (Ultimate Paralyzation of Damaged Organ Genetics) is a process in the BOFA (Body Oscillation / Fatal Area) in which DNA is modified into having LIGMA symptoms in the genetics. This is only a stage 1 on the BOFA power level, however a person will suffer from intense addiction to Fortnite, get free Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus, and the ability to gain a free copy of the Save The World mode at birth. Though most of these symptoms sound positive, one negative symptoms will occur, a UPDOG victim will forever stay a virgin. It is unable to change that fact. Some popular examples of people with UPDOG include: TSM_Myth, every 12 year old, Ninja, Runescape players, and most likely you.
Person 1: Updog
Person 2: What’s Updog
Person 1: It’s when you get a free stuff from Epic for having special genes
Person 2: At least I’m not a virgin
by Heckin’HeckHeckers August 10, 2018
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When one exclaims that it smells like updog he is attempting to humiliate others in the room who are formerly not aware of the joke by making them say “What’s up dog?”
Person #1: wow it really smells like updog in here
Person #2 what’s up dog?
Whole church: ahahahahahah
by Dwayne the glock Johnson February 07, 2019
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Updog is part of a joke. Pretty easy to get. Hilarious if person does't get it.
Bob: Hey you smell like updog.
Victim What's updog?
Bob: Oh nothing much.
Victim: What's up dog?
Bob: I told ya, nothin' much.
Victim: WHAT'S UP DO- OH I get it now......
by I smell like updog. August 12, 2011
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This word has no definition in any known language. It is soley used in the english language as a set up for a joke, relating to the common phrase "what's up?" And the referal to a person as "dog".
Person 1: "Ew, it smells like updog in here."
Person 2: "What?"
Person 1: "You know, updog."
Person 2: "What's updog?"
Person 1: "Not much what's up with you"
Person 2: *punches Person 1 for making such a terrible joke*
by Nothing is left but this April 03, 2018
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Updog, like when "boomers," make stupid jabs at suppers. Sup dog. Also known as sahdudes back in the day. All because their small PPs don't understand the double given meaning hang loose. It can be taken as complimentary because we both know if you get hang loose and ride the wave then you just get it.
Asshat: smells like updog in here
Spiritual hand ninja: smells more like asshat. At least my whole personality isn't based off words with one letter taken out on urban dictionary
by ||♡|| December 18, 2020
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