The act of "extreme going for it-ness"
Commonly referenced in snowboarding big jumps, driving golf balls as far as possible, and messaging women outside of your league.
"I'm out here on the slopes bro hanging with Chad. Good golly, these guys are good. It's getting sendy!"
by OGpeterpan December 4, 2016
A unique, beautiful, dreamy girl that loves to be girly and imaginative. She is imaginative as can be and has a quirky feminine style. Sendy is my name, quite unique, I must add. It does not mean a person who's drunk. Such idiots! I know I have a different kind of name, but that's what my mother named me! And no, it's not pronounced like "cindy". I had to go through all my school experience with my name being called wrong! It's pronounced like SEND then add y. I'm full of sending LOVE to the world! :) Like a messenger!
Look, there's Sendy! She's such a beauty and a creative spirit!
by Quirky Girly August 30, 2010
To send, the act of shot gunning several brews in sequence.
Class got canceled its time for a day of sendys
by Sendypat February 7, 2017
she is the most beatifuel peson you can ever meet , she is the most heart warming person she will love you with all her heart you will get an unforgiveable love with her theres no words to describe sendi she will consume you with all her love
i love sendi
by youngthugjose February 21, 2017
a sweet innocent shy girl. usually has dark hair and brown eye's and wears glasses. HER voice is very quiet and she doesnt excite easily.
girl 1- i just told my mom i was gonna die in four months and she didnt react
girl 2- sounds like a sendie.
by Natalia7 October 4, 2011
the nicest girl ever, definitely not rude and never bullies anyone. very pretty and the opposite of down bad 😍 gives amazing head and is extremely loyal
Person1: yo someone made fun of me yesterday for not passing TÜV
Person2: definitely wasn't sendie, she's so nice
by suq1n November 23, 2021
to be drunk and send drunken text messages, usually to ex's or people you want to scrunk
Lets get sendy tonight!
Wow last night I got sendy and texted my ex-boyfriend :S
by sendychick March 9, 2010