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1) To tell lies, fabricate story, or express untruths

2) A shorter form of phrase to sell "woof" tickets, just with "woof" removen from phrase. This shorter form of the phrase is native to the Northern California's Bay Area.

Jack: Yeah dude, I was just chilling with some fine bitties last night

Joe: Come on bro, I saw you at Jack in the Box with your're selling tickets son..

Jack: Aight bro I admit it, I was giving them out for free there, hahahah

Joe: Hahahahaha

Description of Situation: Joe called Jack out for lying and Jack admitted to lying
by VKNY April 17, 2008
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a person, more than likely female, that is constantly trying to have sex with random people at all times. preferably in bunches, such as an orgy.

synonym of ''running a train''.
as an on-looker; ''damn that hoe lookin' fine..high heals, mini skirts, lookin sexy..i bet she' sellin' tickets"

as the female; "boy you know i need the dick by the plenty, im selling tickets"
by chip chocolate November 10, 2010
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