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1.The act of promising with no intent to act on it.
2.To intentionally deceive.
Guy: Hey boo we going to the show tonight?
Girl: Okay!!!
Guy: What time you want me to come get you?
Girl: I don't know yet, I'll call you when I'm ready.
Guy: Don't be selling dreams, you know I'm trying to get up with you.

*girl never calls and usually turns her phone off*
by Geri Young December 02, 2007
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When someone gives you what-if scenarios that could hypothetically come true, giving false hope and then you finding out that they sold you words (a "dream"), that could never be achieved.

What happened to you Alyssa?

Oh, I'm so bummed out.

Why is that?

Josh was selling me dreams. He said he bought a house when I decided to move to "__" with him, but he still lives with his parents. What am I going to do?


Josh, I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?

Dude, I found out Alyssa was selling me dreams.

Selling dreams?

She never loved me, all she said was stuff that she wanted to marry me, but it turns out she never loved me in the first place.
by problemeo February 25, 2019
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