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A disease often coming as a direct result of years and years of abuse from family and friends. Usually attached to Self-Destruction. A cronic self-hating person will often mope around and reject all offers of help. Sometimes even to the point where they would be hating others as well. This is a serious disease and should be treated with patience and understanding. Its gonna be a long ride to help someone with this disease but if you succeed, the benifit of friendship and loyalty will be far greater than the loss of another soul to the manipulation of others.

Personal self-hatred and self-loathing can result from an inferiority complex. Some sociology theorists such as Jerry Mander see television programming as being deliberately designed to induce self-hatred, negative body image, and depression, with the advertising then being used to suggest the cure.1 See also the arguments related to the Kill your television phenomenon.
A person who doesn't seem to care about themself, is self-hating. Dont be self-hating yo!
by Omnipotent Reverence October 16, 2010
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