A disease often coming as a direct result of years and years of abuse from family and friends. Usually attached to Self-Destruction. A cronic self-hating person will often mope around and reject all offers of help. Sometimes even to the point where they would be hating others as well. This is a serious disease and should be treated with patience and understanding. Its gonna be a long ride to help someone with this disease but if you succeed, the benifit of friendship and loyalty will be far greater than the loss of another soul to the manipulation of others.

Personal self-hatred and self-loathing can result from an inferiority complex. Some sociology theorists such as Jerry Mander see television programming as being deliberately designed to induce self-hatred, negative body image, and depression, with the advertising then being used to suggest the cure.1 See also the arguments related to the Kill your television phenomenon.
A person who doesn't seem to care about themself, is self-hating. Dont be self-hating yo!
by Omnipotent Reverence October 16, 2010
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its when you look in the mirror and cant stand what you see. when you criticize everything you do, doubt every decision. its a thousand voices bullying you all the time and you cant make them go away because they are inside and honestly you agree with them anyway. when all you can see is mistakes and faults and you start wondering why anyone could like you or love you. its when you want to be everything your not.
when other people see beauty she just sees her faults, her mistakes. wow she thinks " so this is what self hate feels like"
by theskyscraperthatwillneverfall January 30, 2014
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According to Washington, D.C., clinical psychologist Dana Harron, the things people hate about others are the things that they fear within themselves. She suggests thinking about the targeted group or person as a movie screen onto which we project unwanted parts of the self. The idea is, “I'm not terrible; you are.”

This phenomenon is known as projection, a term coined by Freud to describe our tendency to reject what we don’t like about ourselves. Psychologist Brad Reedy further describes projection as our need to be good, which causes us to project "badness" outward and attack it.
Self hate
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 5, 2019
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Political slang for a Caucasian/ Euro-American person who prefers other cultures/ethnicities to his/ her own. Multiculturalists, those who do not accept that Euro-American culture is exceptional due to its promotion of individual liberty and responsibility, those who praise Islamic, Eastern, or other cultures as equal to or better than Euro-American: all such people are self-hating Whites.
Since he agreed that all legal systems including Islamic sharia were based on justice and tolerance, and at the same time questioned the superiority of the US Constitution, he was nothing more than a self-hating White.
by John Freethinker December 27, 2011
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An Ashkenazi Jew who hates Yiddish and Ashkenazi culture. Comes in various forms.
That self-hating Ashki told me Yiddish was dead and I needed to learn Hebrew.

Some self-hating Ashki from JVP told me Ashkenazim were responsible for all the world's problems. Well, an alleged Ashki, anyway; they're like Messianics, you never know if they're telling the truth anyway.
by Queen Buttrix November 22, 2021
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An Indian person who is dissatisfied with their ancestry.

c.f. Self-hating Jew.
Indian Person: Fuck off, I don't speak Curry!
Other: Oh, you're one of those self-hating currys
by AtticusRyan August 28, 2009
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A Persian who hates the fact that almost every Iranian-American is either a total guido or a total fob. Typically rebels by trying to be as white-washed as possible.
Guy 1: Check out that Persian kid eating mac n cheese.

Guy 2: Must be a self-hating Persian.
by yanorglu March 3, 2009
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